Multipurpose Fire Centre

Multipurpose Fire Centre (MFC) is 29 galleries of the open shooting range, with a total area of 250 Hectares, which is the largest in Russia and one of the largest in the world.

The functional content of the MFC allows to present competitions and training events of the highest level.

The multipurpose fire center has been included by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism in the All-Russian Register of Sports Facilities and can be used for events included in the Unified calendar plan of sports events.

Our multipurpose fire center is a dynamically developing facility of the Patriot Park, which meets all safety standards and technical requirements for organizing and conducting competitions, trainings and shooting.

The center includes:

The center includes:

  • 20 open shooting 300 meters long galleries
  • 9 open 50 meters long galleries shooting galleries
  • storage of weapons and ammunition
  • educational and administrative pavilion, which includes a conference room, classrooms and a store of sports equipment and souvenirs
Practical shooting

Practical shooting

Practical shooting is a type of shooting sport with the aim of mastering and developing techniques that correspond to various instances of the use of firearms. Having a military background, this sport has greatly changed, but today it is the most applied sport in many special units.