Site №1 of the Museum Complex

Over 268 samples of Soviet and Russian aircrafts, armored vehicles, armored and special materiel of last decades are presented at the open sites of the Museum Complex.

The Museum Complex houses exhibition areas of the Central Museum of Armored Weapons and Armored Materiel (“The Kubinka Tank Museum”, a branch of “Patriot” park), the 12th Chief Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, Russian Airborne Troops, Russian Air Force, Aerospace Defence Forces Branch and Russian Space Forces.

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“Space Forces: per aspera ad astra” exhibition

“Space Forces: per aspera ad astra” exhibition

The “Space Forces: per aspera ad astra” exhibition is just breathtaking. Here you find a wide range of spacecrafts designed for a variety of purposes, such as:
  • Earth remote sensing
  • satellite navigation
  • communications and telecommunications
  • satellite geodesy
  • Moon exploration
On display also - a number of mock-ups of launch vehicles, such as Tsyklon, Soyuz-2, Angara and others.

A great spectacle will be a presentation of videos showing monkeys preparing for flight into space and their successful return to Earth.
Historical Expositions

Historical Expositions

Visitors interested in the history of the country, who want to learn more about the Great Patriotic War and how hard it was to win, can learn a lot by visiting these exhibitions:
  • The Fire Bulge
  • Stalingrad
  • Liberation
  • Vstavay, strana ogromnaya
Atom Serving the Motherland

Atom Serving the Motherland

The exhibits presented in the pavilion "Atom serving the Motherland" are designed for a wide range of audiences. The exhibition itself is designed to develop and raise interest in science and its achievements in the field of nuclear energy.

The interactive exhibition will help children to get acquainted with a very interesting and useful science – physics; enthusiastic high school students, students and cadets under the guidance of their teachers will be able to test their knowledge, compete with each other and learn a lot of new information.

The main educational part of the exhibition is devoted to the history and achievements of science in the field of nuclear physics, the role of nuclear weapons and the nuclear industry in today's world. Interesting exhibits, archival materials and documentaries were selected for this purpose.

Motors of war

Motors of war

The "Motors of war" exhibition introduces visitors to the exposition, which includes several dozen samples of military materiel from Vyacheslav Len’s private collection. Military vehicles are an integral part of all army units, regardless of the armed forces. Command, reconnaissance, medical vehicles, tractors and other special-purpose vehicles are needed by the Armed forces of all countries.

Tourists will get acquainted with various materiel of the great Patriotic war. The exhibition includes Soviet vehicles, equipment of Nazi Germany, Japan and our allies - America and England. Most of the vehicles are in working conditions and regularly take part in historical events reconstructions.