“Chest’ Imeyu” Billiard club

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“Chest’ Imeyu” Billiard club located on the territory Exhibition and Convention Center of the “Patriot” park, is a unique place where antique billiards tables are gathered for visitors of any level of training: from professionals and amateurs to people taking the first steps in this exciting game.  

All tables are made by prominent pre-revolutionary masters of Karl and Vasily Schultz, Arnold Freiberg, Karl Scholz, Jacob Gotz and Mikhail Erykolov. After restoration, the tables are in perfect condition and conform to all modern sports parameters.

The billiard club was created not only for professional billiard-players, but also for amateur players and beginners.

Perhaps it is you who will have the opportunity to play a game at the table, which is made at the Erykalov factory in 1812, or donated by a billiard club by Leonid Yakubovich himself. 

Visitors of the billiard club can get guest and member status.

Rules of visiting of the billiard club the “Chest’ Imeyu” in the territory of the Congress and Exhibition Center "Patriot" park. .

“Chest’ Imeyu” Billiard club works:

  • from Tuesday to Sunday from 2p.m. to 11p.m.
  • day off - monday.
Cost of attendance:
  • from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
         - 200 rubles / 1 hour in the common room;
         - 1000 rub. / 1 hour in the VIP room.
  • from 6p.m. to 11p.m.
         - 300 rubles / 1 hour in the common room;
         - 1500 rub. / 1 hour in the VIP room.

Billiard club phone number: 8 (800) 707-01-07.

Visitors of the billiard club arrive at and depart from the “Patriot” park Convention and Exhibition Center through boom gates for free:

  • guests - using the entry and exit card;
  • club members - using their club card (VIP, “Gold” and “Sport”);
  • until 7 p.m. through the entrance "Vostok-4";
  • after 7 p.m. through the entrance "Vostok-1".

There are 2 game rooms available for visitors: a common one - with antique tables by famous Russian manufacturers of billiard equipment until 1917 and a VIP room with a unique billiard table (model 1843).