Tour programs

Excursion programs of the park "Patriot" is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the great military past of our Motherland, seeing with their own eyes the legendary samples of armored vehicles of the Great Patriotic War and visiting the unique military-historical complex "Guerrilla Village". In addition, visitors to will see expositions of anti-missile and anti-aircraft weapons up to modern designs, an impressive collection of military air and space technology, the exhibition of wheeled armored vehicles. There is the most interesting scientific and educational exposition devoted to the history of nuclear energy and much more!

Excursions on the sites of the museum complex of the "Patriot" park:
  • A group of up to 6 people 1,500 rubles.
  • Price per person for a group of 6 people and 300 rubles.
  • Price per person in the open excursion groups 250 rubles.
Excursions of the museum site №1

Site №1 of the museum complex of the Patriot park includes three groups of expositions: Historical, Educational and Modern. The total number of exhibits is about 400 units, some of them are unique and are presented in a single copy only here.

In indoor pavilions, sightseers can see samples of historical and modern types of weapons and military equipment of domestic and foreign production, spacecrafts, anti-missile and anti-aircraft weapons. In open areas samples of weapons of the Russian Army are presented, some of them are in active military use at the moment.

Visitors can familiarize themselves with the exposition both as part of excursion groups and independently.

Excursions of the museum site №2

The branch of the Patriot Park, the Central Museum of Armored weapons and armored materiel, is a place of historic importance.

For a long time being a structural unit of the research testing institution of the Ministry of defense of the USSR, the Museum has incorporated an extensive collection of historical, unique and the best examples of Armored weapons and armored materiel of both domestic and foreign production.

The vast majority of images of domestic equipment from this collection owe their origin to this institution, since it was here that the technical specifications for their creation were developed.

Many exhibits are unique.

Excursions "Guerrilla village»

The Guerrilla Village complex is a collective image of partisan bases hidden among the forests that operated in the temporarily occupied territorial territories of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War from 1941-1944. Visitors get a unique opportunity to take part in fascinating excursions dedicated to the history of the guerrilla movement on the temporarily occupied Soviet territory during the war.

The guerrilla village has a great historical significance, dugouts of various purposes and objects of economic support are built here. Wildlife lovers and children can feed rabbits, chickens, sheep and other liveliness.

There are cozy cafes and a bakery on the territory of the village.

Excursions of the center of military tactical games

TSVTI - Center for military tactical games. This is a universal training complex designed for practicing the elements of combat training of units of the Armed Forces.

The expositions include covered pavilions, imitating urban development, and open areas with strong points of the opposing sides, as well as the exposition under the conditional name “Afghan Column”.

At the edge of the forest are presented the “Town of Military Signalers” and “The Town of the Scout”, which is essentially a school of survival in the wild. On the territory of the sports zone there is a three-level rope camp and a multifunctional sports ground.

On weekends and holidays, the Center hosts sporting events games and airsoft competitions, fire tagging and laser tagging.

Excursions of the "Yunarmiya" sector

The site “Yunarmiya” includes expositions named “The Syrian Conflict. The peacekeeping mission of Russia ”and“And the Saved World Remembers”, in which visitors can take part in the same thematic tours. The first exhibition presents unique exhibits showing the peacekeeping mission of the Russian army in the Syrian Arab Republic.

The exhibition named “And the Saved World Remembers” holds a thematic tour of the same name, dedicated to the history of the birth of fascism in Germany, the collapse of fascist Germany and the role of the Soviet soldier in the liberation of Europe from fascism and saving the world from the “brown plague” of the 20th century.

There is a tent camp on the territory of the site, where regular camps of the”Younarmiya” are held.