«The Park received its name“ Patriot ”not by chance: here everything will be permeated with patriotism. On the territory of the Park we will assemble an aviation museum, a museum of armored vehicles, a museum of artillery, sports facilities, sports simulators, historical exhibitions, expositions of weapons and equipment samples. We will make a project that will allow young people not only to look at the exhibits, but also to drive and fly on military equipment simulators, shoot from combat weapons, jump with a parachute.»

Карта парка Патриот

Patriotic Park of Recreation and Leisure “Patriot” officially opened on June 16, 2015 and in a relatively short period of time has become a popular holiday destination.

Today, the military-historical complex “Guerrilla Village”, the Military Tactical Games Center, the Multifunctional Firing Center, Museum Site No. 1, the Congress and Exhibition Center are opened for visiting. in open-air demonstration sites you can find samples of the Soviet and Russian aviation, armored vehicles, armored materiel and special equipment, as well as a branch of the Park - “Central Museum of Armored Vehicles”.

Every day, objects of the Patriot park are visited by hundreds of Moscow residents and residents of the Moscow region. During major events, the number of guests reaches dozens of thousands, including guests from other subjects of the Russian Federation, as well as from foreign countries. The ARMY 2018 International Military and Technical Forum was held in our Park and it was visited by more than a million people.

"Patriot" Park promotes civic spirit education, forms an attractive image of service in the Armed Forces, develops a sense of love and respect for the Motherland.

"Patriot" Park– a recreation area where everyone will find something interesting!