Ticket prices

all types of vehicles - the first hour is free!
  • cars, motorcycles, minibuses - 200 rubles per day;
  • buses and trucks - 500 rubles per day.
  • loss of parking ticket - 500 rubles.

  • Visiting of the “Syrian Exposition”;
  • photo and video capture.
Prices:Free for all categories of visitors

From Tuesday to Sunday

Enjoy the history of tank industry from its inception to the present day:
  • the legendary tanks of the red Army
  • captured tanks of Nazi Germany
  • unique experimental samples
  • foreign models of armored vehicles

Visit the unique Museum of armored vehicles with the world's only exhibits, with an open interactive platform with aircrafts, cars and armored vehicles, with a game complex of army simulators, as well as pavilions of Aerospace Forces.

Ticket to the past! A unique opportunity to learn about how our heroic ancestors hit Nazis in isolation from the main forces.

  • 11 thematic dugouts
  • Partisan bread
  • Cozy cafe
  • Сompound yard

The ideal solution for those who want to get acquainted with all the objects of the main site of the "Patriot" Park.
  • Guerrilla village
  • Museum site №1
  • Scout town
  • Signalman town

  • Visiting of the "Remember - the world was saved by Soviet soldiers!» exhibition
  • Photo and video capture.
From Tuesday to Sunday

  • Free for all categories of visitors

  • adult’s BICYCLE rental - 200 rubles/hour;
  • children's BICYCLE rental - 100 rubles/hour;
  • adult’s BICYCLE rental - 600 RUB./ 1 day*;
  • children’s BICYCLE rental - 300 RUB/ 1 day*;