Facilities of the Patriot Park

Site №1 of the Museum Complex

Over 268 samples of the Soviet and Russian aviation, armoredvehicles, armored materiel and special materiel of the last decades are presented at the open sites of the Museum complex.

Guerrilla village

The program ofthe “Guerrilla Village” patriotic- educational project includes visiting and taking a view of the facilities of the complex both in general, and with a detailed examination of each facility, accompanied by a guide who tells in detail about the history of the guerrilla movement, about the legendary guerrilla warriors and their feats, as well as about life andoff-duty life of the guerrilla groups.

Military-tactical games centre

On the territory of the Patriot park there is amultipurpose training and sports centre with an area of more than 27 hectares for practicing the elements of combat training of the Armed Forces and active rest of the whole family. Our Center serves as a zone of outdoor activities, sports, trainings, but also zone of airsoft, paintball, laser tag and firetag competitions and events.

Multipurpose Fire Centre

Multipurpose Fire Centre (MFC) is 29 galleries of the open shooting range, with a total area of 250 Hectares, which is the largest in Russia and one of the largest in the world. The functional content of the MFC allows to present competitions and training events of the highest level.

Dressage Center

On the territory of the "Patriot" park near the Military-historical complex "guerrilla village" there is an dressage center, including outdoor and indoor arenas. Outdoor arena includes 1 podium and a viewing stand for 100 seats. Indoors there is a two-storeyriding arena with a VIP-zone on the 2nd floor. The area of the indoor arena is: - 850 sq.m., outdoor arena - 1231 kV.m.

Site №2 of the Museum Complex

The branch of the Patriot Park, the Central Museum of Armored weapons and armored materiel, is a national treasure, unique, in many ways the best collection of armored vehicles — the museum is known all over the world.

" Patriot " Congress and exhibition center

The "Patriot " Congress and exhibition center (“PATRIOT EXPO”) is the first ever international permanent exhibition center of innovative type created for holding international and national congresses and exhibitions.


On January 13, 2016, the foundation stone was consecrated at the construction site of the chapel in honor of St. George the Victorious at the Military and Patriotic Park of Recreation and Leisure “Patriot”.

The consecration of the foundation stone was made by Archimandrite Nestor (Zhilyaev), the dean of the Odintsovo church district.

Reconstruction zone

The reconstruction zone of historical events is a sector of the terrain with dimensions of 300x800m specially designated and equipped for replaying various episodes of tactical actions of military historical events during the Great Patriotic War, for demonstrating the equipped fortifications and museum exhibits, for holding cultural and leisure activities, making films and video clips . Consist of 2 parts.

Exposition dedicated to the conflict in Syria

Exposition dedicated to the local conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic. This is a new format exhibition in the "Patriot" Park. The exposition will stun you with the realistic panorama of the destroyed Palmyra and the participation effect.Our exhibition is the newest history of the peacekeeping policy of Russian Federation, its armed forces, calling for peace and carrying out a humanitarian mission in the interests of the entire world community.

Atom in the service of the motherland

The "Atom in the service of the Motherland"exhibition is dedicated to the history of domestic and world nuclear engineering.

Motors of war

The “Motors of War” exposition presents a collection of unique automotive vehicles showing the complexity of the technical development of the countries participating in World War II.