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Rules of conduct
Rules of conduct

The following are allowed to perform exercises on simulators:

  • according to its anthropometric and physical data corresponding to the technical characteristics of the simulator
  • not having medical contraindications for health reasons
  • those who were instructed on security measures, the order of the exercise.

When working on simulators, it is necessary to:

  • be attentive and strictly follow the instructions of the instructor
  • do not take any action without the instructor’s command
  • in case of feeling unwell or injury, immediately stop the exercise and inform the instructor

Persons in a state of alcoholic (narcotic) intoxication are not allowed to work on simulators.

Parents (or persons substituting them) have responsibility for the children during the performing of the exercises.

Aircraft simulators
Aircraft simulators

What is being a pilot? This is romance, this is freedom, this is flight, this is life and of course this is hard work.

Assess the required level of training just sitting on the pilot's seat.

Flight decks:

  • Attack helicopter MI-24
  • MIG-29 multipurpose fighter
Cost: Free
Age limit: 0+

Shooting Training Simulator
Shooting Training Simulator

The U35M simulator is a unified simulator for the training in shooting from small arms intended for conducting class lessons with personnel of motorized, machine-gun and reconnaissance units of the Land Forces.

The goal is to develop sustainable skills in introducing corrections and pre-emptions when firing from prone positions, from the knee, and standing both at fixed and moving targets.

  • Imitation of different firing range
  • Imitation of the recoil
  • Deflection shooting
  • Preparation of weapons for firing
  • Scoring
  • Collecting of hit statistics
Cost: 5 minutes - 200 rubles.
Age limit 12+

"VEGA" electronic shooting gallery
"VEGA" electronic shooting gallery

Protect the hostages, repel numerous terrorist attacks! It all depends on you and your team! Use for this a rich arsenal:

  • Automatic AK-74 (AK 100th series)
  • SVD sniper rifle

“VEGA” shooting simulator is intended for:

  • highly effective training in sustainable small-arms shooting skills: - acquiring the skills of conducting enemy reconnaissance and terrain;
  • observation and use of weapons for identified targets;
  • development of skills to use small arms and anti-tank weapons;
  • development of skills for the correct selection and equipment of the firing position;
  • working out the automaticity of actions with weapons;
  • use of protective terrain masking in the conditions of virtual fire impact on trainees.
Cost: 5 minutes - 200 rubles per person.
Age limit 12+

Real tank soldier
Real tank soldier

Feel you like a real tank driver!

Dynamic simulators of the driver of the T-80 tank and the 2S3 artillery complex are designed to perform preparatory, training, credit and control exercises.

The simulators allow the learner to obtain a dynamic, electro-hydraulic, computer load and immerse him in a unique visualization of the terrain and combat object.

Experienced instructors will explain to you how to operate the combat vehicle and accompany you along the entire route.

All aboard!

Cost: 8 minutes - 200 rubles
Age limit: 12+

Captain's bridge
Captain's bridge
All hands on deck!

The training complex “Mostik-2000” is designed to simulate the control of a ship in various geographic and weather conditions.

Visualization of the environment surrounding the ship is built with the effect of complete immersion in the process.

Choose the condition:

  • Bosphorus
  • Baltic Sea
  • St. Petersburg
  • Vladivostok
Cost: 5 minutes - 200 rubles
Age limit: 0+

Video review

Have you ever driven a tank? Sitting in the cockpit? And have you ever stood on the captain’s bridge? No? Then you should visit a simulator complex of the “Patriot” park, located on the site number 1 of the Museum complex!

There are 10 training simulators and 6 models of various objects of military equipment. Try yourself as a driver of the T-80 tank or artillery complex 2S3 on the tracks of varying difficulty. Test your accuracy on rifle simulators, get the skills to prepare weapons for shooting and aiming. Feel yourself as a captain of the ship on the most unusual and memorable simulator "Mostik - 2000".

Are you interested? Then choose your simulator. Come and test yourself!

Buy 5 tickets to the simulators, get the 6th as a present!