Airsoft is an exciting, military-sports team game, like firetag, lasertag or paintball. In airsoft (instead of balls with paint or a laser beams) players use plastic balls of 6 mm caliber. It makes games more risky. You need to wear the special equipment that looks like a real military field uniform. These actions allow you to immerse yourself into the game.

An ideal place for this game is specially equipped indoor and outdoor areas of the Military tactical game Center, imitating urban development and the fortified area. The high quality of the place was confirmed by the Federation of Military Tactical Games (FWTI), whose president is Mikhail Galustyan. The Federation uses the Military tactical games center as a venue for competitions or training of professional teams.

For players: scenario games or training battles in arenas, the full equipment, tactical trainings in a special location with obstacles and target shooting.

Training or a game with your equipment (outdoor or in Military tactical games centre's sites.)

  • Time: 2 hours
  • Price: 600 rubles / person. (at least 8 people)

Scenario games with an instructor (outdoor or indoor).

  • Time: 2 hours
  • Price: 1000 rubles / person. (at least 8 people)

The game equipment

  • the uniform
  • a protective mask
  • an electro-pneumatic rifle (3.0 J “drive”)
  • 500 balls (1 "bunker" ammo magazine)
  • Price: 800 rubles per person

A tactical training on the covered obstacle location

  • Time: 1 hour
  • Price: 500 rubles / person

A zone for self-training with your equipment

  • Price: 300 rubles / 1 person. (1 hour)
  • An additional hour (starting from the 3rd): 200 rubles.

Persons over 18 years old are allowed to play airsoft games. Participation of underage players (under the age of 16) is discussed individually and only with the written permission of their parents.

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