Firetag is different from a combat interaction in a target hitting- an infrared pulse instead of a bullet. Other elements are preserved - an imitation of a shot, recoil, ejection of a sleeve, the amount of ammo is limited.

For players: scenario battles in military arenas, full sets of ammo equipment, equipped magazines of all types capacities, field uniforms, a winter camouflage suit and an action camera Go-Pro.

The equipment for 1 person

  • Full set: automatic with Firetag system, sensors and emitters.
  • Price: 2500 rubles / person.

Equipped AK ammo (30 blank ammo)

  • Price: 1000 rubles / pcs.

Equipped RPK ammo(40 blank ammo)

  • Price: 1350 rubles / pcs.

Uniform sets or awinter camouflage (without shoes)

  • Price: 500 rubles / 1 person.

An action camera Go-Pro

  • Price: 550 rubles / pcs.

Grenades F-1 (sound and flash grenade)

  • Price: 400 rubles / pcs

Grounds for self-training with your own equipment

  • Price: 300 rubles / 1 person. (1 hour)
  • An additional hour (starting from the 3rd): 200 rubles.

A gift certificate for 25 000 rubles.

  • Terms of use: For any firetag services of the nominal value 25 000 rubles.
  • Price: 25,000 rubles / pcs.

A gift certificate for 50 000 rubles.

  • Terms of use: For any firetag services of the nominal value 50 000 rubles.
  • Price: 50,000 rubles / pcs.

Persons over 18 years old are allowed to play firetag games. Participation of underage players (over the age of 16) is discussed individually and only with the written permission of their parents.
To join the game, you have to submit a request via the feedback form, specifying contact details. You will be contacted!

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