Paintball is a team game. Players are equipped with markers (air gun), shooting balls with paint (gelatin shell with food paint), which crashes when hits by an obstacle and paint it. Paintball is a universal solution that is perfect for leisure, building the teamwork on corporate events, and also gives an excellent opportunity to stretch your muscles in the fresh air!

An open site of the Military tactical games center

  • Time: 2 hours
  • Price: 1800 rubles/person (not less than 10 people)
The price includes:
  • Training session with an instructor
  • A set of equipment
  • Ammunition - 250 balls

A site for self-training with your equipment

  • Price: 300 rubles/1 person (1 hour of rent)
  • An additional hour (starting from the 3rd): 200 rubles.

The game is played advance upon request!

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