Excursions of the museum site №1

Site №1 of the museum complex of the Patriot park includes three groups of expositions: Historical, Educational and Modern. The total number of exhibits is about 400 units, some of them are unique and are presented in a single copy only here.

In indoor pavilions, sightseers can see samples of historical and modern types of weapons and military equipment of domestic and foreign production, spacecrafts, anti-missile and anti-aircraft weapons. In open areas samples of weapons of the Russian Army are presented, some of them are in active military use at the moment.

Visitors can familiarize themselves with the exposition both as part of excursion groups and independently.

"Historical" tours

In the Historical Group sightseeing tours and thematic tours of the following exhibits are held:

  • "Airborne troops"
  • "Armored cars"
  • “Rise up, our country wide and great”
  • "Stalingrad"
  • “Fire arc”
  • “Liberation”

Visitors and sightseers with their own eyes will see samples of military equipment and weapons used by the opposing forces on the fields of the Great Patriotic and the Second World War. They will find out in what tense and turning points the Red Army used one or other models of military equipment, which later became symbols of Liberation and Victory. At the exhibition "Airborne troops " visitors will trace the history of the creation of the legendary winged infantry, will appreciate the military equipment of the Airborne Forces. Connoisseurs of multi-purpose military equipment will be surprised by the variety of samples in the exhibition "Armored cars".

"Educational" tours

The Educational group conducts thematic and overview tours of the following exhibits:

  • “Atom in the service of the Motherland”
  • “Air Defense and Missile Defense Forces”
  • “Space Forces of Aerospace Forces”
  • "Game complex"

Visitors and sightseers will get acquainted with the history of nuclear Energy, with the most interesting phenomena of nature, will see models of nuclear weapons in full size. Those, who are interested in the Aerospace Forces and in Russian air and anti-missile defense, will learn a lot of interesting facts from the history of this types of troops of the Armed Forces of Russia, as well as they will see samples of rocket armament that make up the shield of Russia. And finally, in the exposition “Space Forces of Aerospace Forces” will get acquainted with the history and achievements of Russian cosmonautics: they will see the model of the first artificial satellite of the Earth, the ''Luch'' and'' Lazur'' spacecrafts, the ''Vostok'' spacecraft descent vehicle, the spacecraft providing the work of the domestic navigation system "Glonass", as well as see the ''Lunokhod-1'' and listen to the history of the exploration of the Moon.

"Modern" tours
In the Modern group, thematic and sightseeing tours of the following exhibits are held:
  • “Arms and equipment of the Russian Army”
  • “Russian Air Force”
  • “Keys to the sky”

In this group of exhibits, visitors and sightseers will see samples of military equipment and weapons of various types of troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, including samples, which are in active military use at the moment. Ground equipment of the ground forces is represented by tanks, armored personnel carriers, engineering equipment and special equipment. Among the samples of Air Force equipment you can see jet planes of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations, helicopters: including the largest helicopter MI-26. Arms of the Navy present strategic mine-based missiles "Stilet". And finally, samples of weapons of air defense and missile defense, and much more will not leave indifferent the most sophisticated enthusiasts of military equipment.